lizarrusti parketxea

Lizarrusti - Txindoki - Lizarrusti

Allekupeko ibilbideko paisaiak

Duration: 6 hours 30 min
Maximum altitude: 1.337m
Climb/descent: +1219/-1219 m
Distance: 16,8km
Circular route: yes
Starting point: Lizarrusti Parketxea

We start at the old road of carts towards Lareo reservoir. Leave this one behind, and getting out of the beech forest that has accompanied us till now, we leave Enirio's bordas to our right. Already in the piece of open land, while taking height and always heading north, exit to the top of Alotza fields by the existing pass between Gaineta and Beleku peaks. We cross at mid hillside trough Egurral's hill, from where we climb the last and steep slope which places us in the top.
Descending Egurral's hill, we can border the step between Gaineta and Beleku without ascending to it, leaving this one to our left side. We will continue bordering while descending, always at half hillside and south direction, till meeting the way that goes to Enirio from Zaldibia, at the level of Oidui. We ignore the route to Enirio and continue south, until meeting the itinerary of raising to Lareo.
Itinerary without clear way in great part of the tour. Indispensable gps track or map/compass and good sense of the orientation. Caution, very difficult orient in case of fog.


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